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'It's a Jamaican thing!' Awards 2009

IT ALMOST seems a waste of time discussing Jamaica's problems anymore. Everyone knows what they are and what the solutions are. But no one, from top to bottom, seems interested in doing what has to be done. . .

A Democratic Tipping Point

West Indies cricket once conjured up memories of halcyon glory. Nowadays, it usually means shameful humiliation. But, what one win can do. The Windies' victory over Australia on Wednesday put a smile on everyone's face and once again sportscasters waxed deliriously about the 'glorious uncertainty of cricket'.

Fairy Godmothers, Sheep and Goats

It's human nature to seek truth, or at least plausibility. So when we hear about fairy godmother multi-nationals flying from abroad unasked to donate US $585,000 with no strings attached, the natural response is 'bull shoots'. Trafigura won't be history until Jamaicans hear a convincing explanation from the Prime Minister. Nowadays not even eight year olds believe in fairy tales. And governments that take voters for fools get laughed at on election day.'

Should Jamaica Leave CARICOM?

Would it make any difference if Jamaica left CARICOM? I asked 20 randomly selected people this question last week. They all shrugged their shoulders. It was like the old joke about ignorance and apathy - they didn't know, and they didn't care.

Guided Democracy or Palace Coup?

"Ladies and gentlemen! It's the big rematch all Jamaica has been waiting for since March 2006 - the battle for the undisputed leadership of the People's National Party, Round Two! In the St Andrew South West corner wearing yellow, is the defending champion, Portia 'Grass-roots Girl' Simpson Miller! In the St Andrew East Central corner wearing traditional orange, is the number one ranked contender, Peter 'Dr Drumblair Establishment' Phillips! Let's get ready to rrruuummmbbbllleee!"

Tired of Pretty Words

'Search for Lyns leads to dump', The Observer, December 22, 2006. '26 slain in four days', The Gleaner, January 5, 2007. '7th violent attack on police so far this year', The Observer, January 8, 2007. Jamaica is one of the most beautiful islands on the planet. Jamaicans are among the most exuberant people on Earth. By all rights, this should be one of the best places in the world to live. But can the people in a country with daily headlines such as those above be happy?

Wise Voters and Grown-up Politicians

If we learned to shut up and get on with the job and not commentate on everything, our productivity would no doubt soar. Yet, the constant chattering may be one reason we are so good at peacefully changing our leaders.

I like Omar, but the People Don't

A YEAR AGO, P.J. Patterson was sitting pretty. Crime was falling Β­ 1139 murders in 2001, 1045 in 2002, 975 in 2003. The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) was in its usual disarray with the ageing Edward Seaga showing no signs of going anywhere. The move to repatriate Jamaica's legal system by doing away with the Privy Council as last court of appeal seemed to be going smoothly. And his planned handover of the People's National Party (PNP) leadership and hence the post of prime minister to Peter Phillips was right on track.

A Golden Revolution?

IN NOVEMBER 2003 tens of thousands of Georgians demonstrated for weeks against tainted election results until President Edward Shevardnadze resigned in what was called the 'rose' revolution. A year on similar scenes in Ukraine brought new elections and a new regime in the 'orange' revolution. This week mass marches sparked by former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's assassination swept the Syrian-backed Lebanese government from power in what is being dubbed the 'cedar' revolution.


Maybe it’s his supercilious smirk. Or his arrogant mumbling. Or his cynical opportunism. Whatever the reason I find it hard to admire George W. Bush. His reckless adventuring abroad and his irresponsible overspending at home are in my view seriously damaging his country’s long term interests. When America sneezes most of the world catches a cold, and highly economically dependent countries like Jamaica get pneumonia. So the man is just plain bad news all around.